Thursday, March 1, 2012

sooner or later

been pretty busy since the last post. i moved into a new place and had to build alot of stuff. we also didnt have the internet for 6 months so its been hard to hang on the net. we've been writing a bunch of new jams tho so come out to one of deez shows and hear em.

march 4th in jersey city

march 8th in new brunswick
email for address

march 16th in montclair

check out new shindig decks and tees we got over @

its the comeback season playerrrrr

Sunday, July 3, 2011


come hang out this 4th of july and check out our new record and the new shindig deck
skateboards and music all day, rooftop grillin' all night

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

freak brains

we've got 2 shows this week
you're a joker if you miss this one
thursday, may 19th


mystical wizards will congregate this saturday, may 21st - judgement day
come celebrate the end of the world

this is the alpha and omega

Friday, May 6, 2011

donde es chonkletas?

we got added to a bunch of shows coming up. maybe we'll see you sometime soon yah?

monday may 9th 2011@ xpo 929, brooklyn, ny. w/ timeshares, dead ringer, and think big

thursday may 12th 2011@ huntington st., new brunswick, nj. w/ reservior, and county drop

saturday may 21st 2011- FREAK SHOW 2 @ the meatlocker, montclair, nj. w/ washington square park and 96

saturday may 29th 2011- THE BIG DANGEROUS REUNION @ the meatlocker, montclair, nj. w/ the marine electric, living room, something cool

thursday june 2nd 2011- ANDY PLANTS DISCO LEMONADE SOLO ART SHOW @ sapphire lounge, LES manhattan, w/ something cool, the audio bodies

saturday june 11th 2011@ the irish, kearny, nj. w/ washington square park, lazy sunday, firing squad, something cool

sunday june 12 2011@ the fire, philadelphia, pa. w/ no service project and others

Saturday, April 16, 2011

smokes up dustbraska

so we recently got back from an awesome trip to albany to play music and see friends. happy birthday to monika and mike! and much love goes out to all of caleb lionheart, marine electric, and half hearted hero. we love youse guys

here's a recap:

we left mid afternoonish on saturday april 9th for the long haul up I-87. eric broke the seal pretty early in the journey so we all stopped for a pee break and celebatory roy rogers at one of the rest stops. as soon as we got to albany we were greeted by the birthday boy and girl themselves, mike and monika. ant booze and co. killed the 30 rack on the ride up so i made them buy another one. we cleaned up the basement for the show and then headed to the pub for some more food and beverages.

after that it was time to set up our instruments. we played probably our sloppiest sober set in a while but who cares? NOW IT WAS TIME TO PARTY! we chugged some beers and decided to get 'mystical' that night thanks to a purchase earlier in the day. the marine electric killed it as usual. i love those dudes. fumblerooski and half hearted were awesome as well. then it came down to caleb lionheart who absolutely destroyed that basement with their sexyness. by that time there was a thick haze in the air from all the dust that had gotten kicked up. needless to say it was getting hard to breathe.
once the show was over we headed back inside for some more brew-has and card games. 5 card poker and an intense game of go fish were played. now that there were no more beers and my lock-jaw was wearing off we decided it was time to retire to the van. we had a few drunken sing-alongs to the bee gees, got irie, and called it a night.

the next morning was a sweaty wake up. we gotta remember to open the windows at night. once everyone was awake we took a journey around the area. found a sick skate spot and took some photos. then we went to the bbq spot around the corner we had been smelling since the night before. pulled pork sandwiches bay-bay!
now it was time to say our good byes and visit our friends tara and mark who lived only ten minutes away. they cooked us more food and coffee and we pieced together the parts of the night that got lost in inebriation. we got funny over some ganja plant and played zombie video games. now it was time to hit the road back home. said thanks to our gracious hosts and we were on our way. we all had way too much fun for our own good and cant wait to be back in albany!

got some shows coming up next week!

tuesday april 19th 2011 @ xpo 929 w/ coping, living room, and dont give a fuck

thursday april 21 2011 @ the meatlocker w/ something cool, suburban grass, and more

lets lurk on the internet together ;)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

ponytail booze

we had all sorts of unhealthy fun on our weekend trip to philly. shouts to no service project and our new friends, and to the homeys that came along in the van with us.

everyone who came out to the meatlocker and bought a shirt is fucking rad!

this is what i remember:

we left for philly in the late afternoon after we woke up from the hangover that friday night gave us. once we arrived, we were greeted by joe's culinary expertise, a stir fry dish that was absolutely incredible. we hung out for a bit, indulged in a few cervezas and then made the journey to the house show on syndenham. i still cant pronounce the name of that street. drank. danced. sang our songs. did someone else's laundry. ya know, the usual. stumbled to the van and somehow made it home with minimal damage to only one mans toyota due to a faulty parallel park job. i remember being so stoked on eating the box of ellios pizza and curly fries we had in the van but by the time it was done cooking i was already nestled in the coziest spot on the couch. oh, well.

woke up the next morning to joe slaving away in the kitchen again, making omlettes for everyone. we recalled stories from the night prior while playing goldeneye and nba hang time on N64. after that it was cheesesteaks from ishkibibbles and a look around an abandoned warehouse we found. from there we made our way to the danger danger house for the black kites/algernon show. i never been to that space before so i was pumped. we all had a blast. black kites is fucking gnarly! after the show, we stopped by a party at kayla's house for a bit. sobered up by playing beer pong and drinking henney before the long drive home. no journey on the new jersey turnpike is complete without a stop at roy rogers, naturally. by the time we got there they had no more gold rushes left so i settled with the breakfast sandwich with extra toppins on the side. couldn't have asked for a better end to an epic weekend.

if you ain't got shit to do this weekend, go to the GENERIC INSIGHT RADIO FEST at the party expo in bushwick. there are some rad bands playing and our friend barrie is running it.

and after the first day of GIR FEST(friday night) come party with us at emerald city along with the most handsomest band around - the marine electric! were doing a split set at their house so expect some crazy shit to go down.

we're also super stoked to be playing in albany with living room and other awesome bands saturday, april 2nd. gonna try and make that into another weekend thing ill get at you when i get more details. until then, stop slackin' and take more prison-style photos.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Philly Takeover

thanks everyone who came out to the meatlocker last night! we partied harder than your pill poppin ex girlfriend.

and the good times they keep a comin. we takin over philly tonite via north syndenham st with our buddies in the no service project. come get crunked with us and check out our new shirts - hand dyed and printed by yer boy.
oh yeah we got patches too!